Thursday, July 8, 2010


Shari really isn't coming back and she is making that really clear to everyone. She was at Stevie's house in California and then went up to Portland with a friend of hers. I don't know what all happened but she is leaving everything and even Lauren and Hannah. She says they are better off here but then some of this is Shari wanting to be alone I think. I love her and care about her but I think this is being selfish not thinking about her kids and it was really wrong the way she just left like she did.
We think she was thinking about this and planning it for a few months and maybe it would have helped if she had said something? Even if it didn't help it would have been easier for everyone when this happened if it was not the big surprise it is.
Our new Pastor has been over a few times and has been really nice to talk to but it is sad this is how we get to know him.
That's all I want to write right now. Thank you all for the prayers!


  1. Megan,
    Perhaps, when you feel like talking about it, you could enlighten us, or at least me, on a few things.

    If I recall, from your earlier posts, wasn't Shari's main motivation in forming a plural home to have more children?

    Are Lauren and Hannah, along with Stevie, Shari's biological children with Steve?

    I find it hard to believe that Shari would actually plan this in advance. You've never given any indication that there are threatening situations in the family, which are usually what precipitate carefully planned departures. And if she did plan it, why would she leave after such an exhausting move?

    I'm sure time will tell.

  2. wow, I don't really know what to say, but I hope everyone will be alright including Shari. know it seems selfish, but if she is being that selfish, her girls are probably better with the family than with her right now. Maybe she just couldn't handle your growing family even if she seemed like she could. Sounds like she's got some issued to work out on her own. I don't pray but I will send some positive thoughts for your family.

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