Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Thank you everyone for being so nice! Everyone here is being really nice too. On Sunday we had our church meeting and I got to announce that we have a baby on the way and it was like being a rock star! I really love the people in my church and my family and I have no doubt I made the right choice being here.

The OB wants to see me in December to do an ultrasound and probably find out if I am having a boy or a girl. A boy would be nice for Eric and Steve but a girl would be a lot of fun too. My baby will be what he or she wants to be and I will love her all the same.

School. The doctor says I will be due in late May or early June and school is supposed to finish in April so that won't be a problem.

I have to cut down on chores and am not supposed to lift anything more than ten pounds so I am trading some chores with the girls so I can still do things around here and help out and not just be a big pregnant balloon floating around the house.

Macy is doing really well. She is settling in and being a part of the family and that is a good thing for her to do that and get over stuff. She still is not staying with us permanently but it is nice to have her here for now.

My friend Erica who is not in my church but is also poly has met a great family and she visited with them and it worked out great! I am really, really happy for her because she is a great friend and a really sweet person! She deserves to be happy and she told me her visit with her potential family was the best! I am praying that it all works out for her.

I am sorry I have not been on here that much this last week but things are really busy and I was not able to get my computer to work. My stupid internet explorer was set to work offline and I did not know that. I thought my puter was broken and just gave up. Macy got on it and got it working no problem and that made me feel pretty blonde. :-/

It is time for me to get going to school. I hope you all have a great day!

Little baby feet.


  1. Hi there Megan,

    I'm so very happy for you that you're expecting a most precious gift, a beautiful baby. That is such wonderful news.

    It is a joy to read your blog. You seem to be such a kind and sweet person with a happy spirit.

    I'm wishing you and your family the best. I'll check in periodically to find out whether we're expecting a boy or girl or both. Take very good care of yourself and stay happy!

  2. Congratulatons Megan. I am so excited for you because I know this is what you really want. Babies are so wonderful and with your sweet, gentle, and loving personality you will make a great Mom. Take care!