Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yay for Saturday!

The family is being really cool to me and I am going to have Saturdays as sort of a day off at least until school is done. The homework is not all that bad it is just there is so much of it and you have to do it so you know what is going on in class the next day. I just have one more week of classroom stuff and then we get to start cooking! Yay! I already tried some of the things in my books and they turned out really good.
The best thing was the pork tenderloin. Pork has not been my friend because everytime I cook it the meat comes out dry and tough. This time I used lingonberrry jam and rosemary on top of the tenderloin as I cooked it and then when I turned it I put more of the jam and rosemary on it. It blew me away that the same cut of meat I used to ruin came out perfectly!
I got my set of pots at school. I have NEVER seen so many pots and pans! Four different size frying pans, springform cake pans, like ten different stock pans and this gigantic 20 gallon stock pot. Some Sunday when we host the church meeting I'll be able to feed everyone. I'll get to run a restaurant for a day!
My classmates are a lot of fun. I already got picked up on by one of them and had to tell him that I was married but it was sweet the way he asked. It's almost all guys in the class except for me and this one girl who has a lot of tattoos all over her arms. She used to do roller derby up in Washington with some team called the "Betties" and she moved to California for some reason and is now in school with me. There are some ex-military guys in the class too and they are really cool. I guess I just get how they think because they say everything like it is and you don't have to play games with them to figure out what they mean or anything.
Christie is letting me drive her car to school and it has been funny that she has this really nice car and when people ask me about it I just say it belongs to my sister. Which is not completely true but it is the best and most honest thing I can think of to say.

Macy did really good with the wedding and the wedding night. I saw her the next day at church and she was really happy but dealing with life being changed from now on. That was my big thing way back was the wedding night changing everything in my life. I totally get how new brides are scared on their wedding night because the sex is the very smallest part of it. It's all the committments you are making and then you could be having a baby out of it so it all becomes so serious. Guys don't really get this part of it.
Macy is supposed to be over today to visit and it will be nice to see her and maybe talk a while and see how she is doing. I'm really excited for her that she is with people who really love her.

The weather here has been so cool for the summer. It's been in the 80's all week and the chickens are doing great! The only thing with the cool weather is our vegetables are way off schedule. We're supposed to have tomatoes in for canning and most of them are still green. We do have some pretty awesome spaghetti squash and I am now a big lover of it! You can do a lot with it like cook it in marinara sauce and then put it over pasta.

My period came and went this week so I was a little late and was wondering for a couple days but now I am 100% that I am not pregnant. Christie talked to me a long time ago about this and she went almost six months when she came here before she got pregnant. She said that every month she wasn't pregnant meant there was a new first time with Steve. It would be the first time in the new cycle for you to try making a baby. She said she was always excited about it and for me it is something I get more excited about as time goes by. It is still just a little tiny bit scary that we could be making a baby but then there are all the nice things about making love that I am really enjoying. It gets better all the time as we get to know each other better and I love how Steve knows my moods and changes what he does to fit with what I want.

I came up with my own little thought on married sex: Sex is not what you do with each other it is what you say to each other.

It's a way to say "I love you" and it's a way to say "You're important to me" and that can be so wonderful. This may sound weird but one of my favorite times with Steve was this one time I was not in the mood and he just held me and kissed me for the longest time and then I just did it for him. I wish I had the words to really explain this but it was like he cared so much for me that he wasn't pushy or anything so then it made me want to make him happy too.

I could so write about this all day! I know none of this is new for most of the people who read this but for me it is like a whole new world and I feel like the first person to explore it.

Time for me to stop and go catch up on my email! Have a nice weekend!

The smell of coffee in the morning.


  1. My Dear, you are almost there. there is no sex in Love. It is a union of love, the most affectionate gift each of you can give. It says "I give myself to you my heart, my soul, my everything." That is what makes it so wonderful.

    Steve is a very loving and wise person to be able to allow you your space to figure yourself out. You are finding out what life and love is suspose to be and I for one am so happy for you.

    Keep it up girl. Keep your mind open for new things and enjoy the love.

    By the way, you are right saying it was your sister's car. She is your sister -- wife. so you didn't lie.

    love always

  2. culinary school sounds like its going to be a lot of fun.