Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Private blog?

I'm thinking of adding a private blog where I can write about things I know will just cause problems on my main blog. Does anyone else do this keeping two blogs?

I'm going to school in a minute but wanted to post some things.

I don't have any recipes for anything other than bread and sauce yet but I will post some when I have them, I promise!

I need a little prayer for a situation with a friend. I can't say too much more than that but it is important.


Blueberry muffins.


  1. You shouldn't care about what 'causes problems' with other people. Part of why I enjoy reading this blog is because you're so honest about what happens with your life choice and how it differs so greatly from my own personal life choice. If you were to edit all that out, I think it'd be quite a shame.

  2. I think keeping two BLogs, one a Private, is like keeping secrets. A BLog is a place were you can spill everything out and let your secrets have a home, so keeping a private BLog is like, Whats the point of even typing the post. (If that doesn't make sense, I'm sleepy and blame that)

    Also, Prayers for your friend, lots and lots.


  3. I think if you want to try having 2 - try it. You may find that one just naturally overtakes the other. This is YOUR outlet, so you need to feel comfortable saying whatever you choose to say. If a private blog gives you that comfort-level, then you should have it. You'll never know till you try it! Thats the beauty of this being your blog - you get to do what YOU want!! I don't post often, but I do read your blog when you post new things and I have always enjoyed it. I am glad that you have found a peaceful, loving and happy family to be a part of. Sure, its not always sunshine and roses - but what relationship is? It doesn't matter the type of relationship, polygamous, monogamous, gay, parent-child etc. We all have ups and downs. The important thing is for you to feel comfortable sharing whatever you choose to share since this is the outlet you've chosen. Do what you want, if it doesn't work, no big deal!! Be comfortable, thats the important thing!

  4. i agree with the last comment do whatever you are comfortable with, i've done it before but usually i just give up on it and go back to my public blog which isn't even on Blogger. i have friends that read my regular one on Opendiary and needed a place to vent where they couldn't read it.

  5. My Dear Megan:

    I fully agree with Meggin. I think she has said it all.

    May I give you a somewhat personal experiance in my family. My nephew had an open blog like you have and some of his socalled friends did what has happened to you with their harassment of what he said in it. So he closed it up and made it a private blog and his socalled friends followed him and continued to harass him to the point he closed all his blogs.

    If you have things and issues you wish to write down but not sure you want to publicize then I would suggest you keep a diary instead of a blog. Or email your thoughts to some of those who you feel most comfortable discussing those thoughts with, and get their thoughts about whatever it is.

    Just food for thought.

  6. Megan,
    It sounds like you have things you want to say, but this blog doesn't feel like quite the right format. As others have already said, why not try the private blog, and see if it works. Maybe from there you will find additional avenues.

    I too come from a family that communicated in ways I don't like, and I too had to find my own way. It is very important.

    Prayers for your friend.

  7. I have two blogs and it works perfectly. I have a public one to simply update everyone on my life and then I have a private one to really talk about things in. I've never had a problem with either one. It is nice to have the private one so I can choose who I talk about what with and if there is ever anyone I don't want reading, I simply take them off my list.

  8. I have been silently enjoying your blog. Please consider including me in your private blog.

  9. Oh yea, definitely.
    I have 1 public blog and 3 private blogs.

  10. hello megan, i kind of have private blogs, i have different blogs for different parts of my life, i have different ids to work them. Only my very trusted peeps can connect them all together..

  11. Ah, so actually Sage is only three-quarters hidden...

  12. I have a multitude of public blogs and one private blog with extra features that make things EXTRA private if I want it to be...

    So I'd do it.

  13. Recipes and other tame stuff is fine, but if you want to write about politics or other highly volatile topics that have nothing to do with your blog's subject and will offend 95% of your audience (like the healthcare fiasco did), then putting such rants in a private blog would be highly advisable.

  14. I agree with Johnny, no offence to Megan and her politics but it is called a Poly blog, as a fellow Poly person I am happy and supportive of her lifestyle but when you bring things in, that you KNOW are contentious on an unrelated topic and let the thread comments get out of hand than well, I just didn't want to be a part of it anymore and I refused to be part of any pre-screening comments, I don't do it on mine and I don't wish to be part of it, similarly, I won't apply to read anyone's private blog (I don't have one, never saw the point).
    So, if this is going to be a public poly blog I will happily read it and if you have any political religious partisan comments for the private blog, that is fine, I won't read it.

  15. Well if you do the private BLog, I'd love to be included.

  16. Natja,
    I've enjoyed reading every post you've ever made to this blog. That is because I enjoy reading personal expression that has some thinking behind it. I am sure that the multitude of "Hallmark Card" senders that fill up blogs like this are doing some good with their kind words, and I hope that those people with a chip on their shoulder are lessening their load by venting wherever they can. But life is difficult and complicated and I like to read about other people's journeys, and how they move forward, not stay in the same place.

  17. Waitaminute I'm sorry -- is this about the healthcare thingie??
    You and I differ in our views on the matter but I respect your right to have your views on the matter.
    PLEASE don't keep those types of things private; I enjoy reading other people's POV on things. In fact, I feel it is necessary for people like us to discuss such matters. It allows for us to hear how the other side thinks. However, if you will only ever watch FoxNews and I will only ever watch MSNBC (lol), we will never truly know what's going on on the other side of the fence. And that's not good; what good are our beliefs and information if they will not stand against the other beliefs??

    Now, when it comes to feelings like "I didn't really love him when we first met but I love him now" and people think that's oh so sad (blech!) or whatever, that's personal. I would probably put THAT kind of stuff in my personal blog.

    For instance, disagreements with my husband and sad moments and the like, I put those in my ultra private setting. There's like only one person who has access to that (my bestest friend in the whole world). Those are my "weaknesses" I suppose, and I don't want people to be able to use the information against me personally.

    Hey Megan, I want to contact you online I have a poly question to run by you. I'll see if I can contact you on here but it seems difficult. Anyway, please be on the lookout because I need your POV/advice on something.


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