Saturday, May 16, 2009


It's just a quiet lazy day and I am so missing Steve right now! I'm all boo-hoo-ey missing him! I didn't expect to feel like this with him just gone a couple days. It's so selfish of me with the funeral today and all I can think about is missing being held by Steve. Pretty pathetic.


  1. I think that might make you human Megan. :) Emotions are not something we can just switch on and off at will. Remind yourself that he will be home soon, and that he needs your love too. You may already be doing this, but set aside some time to really pray for Steve. He may be a 'soldier' of a man like you say, but I guarantee you he has his struggles too, like all of us. I've found that praying for other people can really help you too, as your attention is taken away from your own sadness and focused on others.

  2. Not pathetic!!!
    Honey, you're still a newlywed!
    Anyway, reading, catching up on your blog. making me want a sisterwife. Bummed because hubby's like 'No, too much work' or whatever. Still talking about poly all the time.
    I want a sisterwife. I'm in the city and regardless, it's still lonely here for me. I'm used to having close friends but my friends and I all married other people so we are not close anymore. When you marry someone you become one with that person and pick up on that person's traits and such and their husbands are often adverse to the way that I am, so...bummed.
    Loving your blog. Be happy that you miss him. Oh heavens, what if you didn't?! Blessings...