Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Wedding

The Wedding went really well! We ended up with 73 people here!

I wore Christie's dress and I looked like a princess! Steve wore his tux with a white dinner jacket and Pastor Jeff wore his robes. We didn't do bridesmaids or bestmen and we also won't have a formal honeymoon because the church says those are pagan traditions and not Christian traditions. We still had a nice wedding cake and the reception was a lot of fun too. There was soooo much BBQ we will be eating it for the rest of the week. I got to have champagne along with everyone else and we had this big party until about 6pm when people started leaving. Shari and Christie and the girls did all the cleanup with some help from some of the women who came to the wedding and they told me it was all done and put away in about an hour.

I can't believe some of the presents! I have six new dresses, shoes, and there was a lot of money which will go to my savings. My favorite present is a handmade quilt with chickens on it! I don't know if I ever mentioned that I love chickens but one of the church ladies found out and made me the quilt. Christie bought me a penoir which is a nightie and robe set and it is pretty sexy!

After the wedding I changed into my blue dress and wore that the rest of the day and got to meet everyone and talk. One of the men told me that I was a 'rare commodity' and that Steve was very lucky to have me. He said that not a lot of women join the community and that when they do they are usually older like Christie and sometimes divorced with children. I got the impression he was a little jealous of Steve and I kind of liked that.

Before I forget, thank you to the people who wished me well on my last post and in email!

I had one of the ladies suggesting names for children and that was just amazing to be discussing names for children I might have! Wow! It was a little embarassing because for me to have children I'd have to be doing it with Steve and it was strange to just be talking like that.

Everyone was gone by 8pm and it was just family and then at 9pm Shari took Eric and went to bed, Christie took Emmy and went to bed, then the girls went to bed and then it was just Steve and me in the living room talking and a little before 10pm he asked me if I was ready to go to bed. He took me by the hand and we went to his room and he was very kind and patient and gentle. We didn't sleep a lot and this morning Shari brought us breakfast in bed as a wedding treat and we didn't leave Steve's room until almost lunchtime.

It was pretty amazing and wonderful to be with Steve and it was like Christie said that it was like jumping out of an airplane. Wanting to be a wife and a mom is a lot different from actually being a wife and maybe a mom and I had a lot of thoughts about it but then it got to where there was no going back and then it got to where I didn't want to go back. The best part of all was the time after when Steve just held me and kissed me and it was all quiet with the excitement all over. It was like you just go ahhhhhhh and relax.

After getting up Christie told me that the girls might say some things to try to embarrass me and both Stevie and Lauren asked me questions that were kind of shocking to hear from them and I just answered and acted like it was no big deal just to shock them right back. Christie said it was hard to get used to the girls knowing she was with their father and it really is the same for me even if I make a joke out of it when the girls try to embarrass me. At lunch I sat there and everyone was so nice and sweet and all I could think was that they were all looking at me wondering about me having sex. It's hard not to be embarrassed even when it's okay to do what we're doing. Other than Hannah everyone at the table knew exactly what was going on. Christie says you get used to it so I will try not to let it bother me.

Right now Steve had to go get four of the cows to a butcher in Fairfield so he won't be back until maybe 7 or 8. I don't mind having a little time to think but I am looking forward to him coming home and I think it might be nicer tonight than last night. Things were a little sore last night just because it was only my second time ever but it's supposed to be more comfortable after this so tonight will be nice.

It is weird to think I'm a wife and I could even be starting to be a mom right now. It was just two months ago this all really started and here I am. It all moved really, really fast and maybe it should have been slower but like Pastor Jeff said, would it make any difference? And it doesn't. This is what I wanted when I started looking a few months ago and then it is what I wanted when I was invited to join the family. Now I get to look forward to being a mom someday and really being a part of the family.

Okay, I have to go do thank you notes and get them in the mail for tomorrow.

I'll try to write soon!


  1. Megan -

    Congratulations on your marriage! I wish you the best of luck.
    You must've looked beautiful at your wedding. Steve is a very lucky man.

    Congratulations again.
    I look forward to seeing your development as a wife as well as a mother ;)


  2. Congratulations! I can tell it feels completely right for you, and that's awesome.

  3. Congratulations. It sounds like the wedding was wonderful. I love your new picture. Was it taken at the wedding?

  4. Hey sweetie! How are you? So what do the kids call you? I mean my family kids call me momma and my sw mommy so that is nothing weird about that to me becouse the second I aggreed to be with Jay I knew I was the kids mom too. But I am closer to the older one. They are 2 and a half and 1 and half she. We are expacting another pretty soon. My sister wife is having our 3 boy kinda nice. Anyway hope all is well feel free to email me at